L o g i c M o u n t

Custom Development

Our Salesforce consultants allows businesses to tailor their CRM implementation to meet their specific needs. Our leveraging Salesforce's platform tools involves, such as Apex and Visualforce, to build custom applications and functionalities that enhance operational efficiency, data management, and user experience within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Consulting and Implementation

Our Salesforce specialists examine your current systems and processes to determine the best solution to help you reach your business goals using Salesforce. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce CPQ are among our platform specialties.

Payment processors Implementation

Our service provides seamless integration of various payment processors into your Salesforce platform. We ensure secure and efficient payment processing, enabling businesses to offer multiple payment options to their customers, enhance the checkout experience, and streamline financial transactions.

Data Integration and Migration

We provide seamless and efficient transfer of data between systems. We ensure a smooth transition, accurate data mapping, and secure migration, enabling businesses to leverage the full potential of Salesforce with reliable and consolidated data, empowering smarter decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Data Management

We provide solutions for organizing, cleansing, and maintaining data integrity. We provide data deduplication, validation, and enrichment services, ensuring that businesses have accurate, reliable, and up-to-date data to maximize the effectiveness of their Salesforce implementation and drive better business outcomes.

Security Review

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your Salesforce implementation to ensure data protection and compliance. We offer thorough security reviews, vulnerability assessments, and recommendations to safeguard your sensitive information, mitigate risks, and maintain a secure environment for your business and customers.

Architecture Service

We provide expert guidance and consulting to design scalable and robust Salesforce solutions. We offer architectural assessments, solution design, and best practices recommendations to help businesses optimize their Salesforce implementation, align it with their unique requirements, and achieve long-term success.

Maintenance Support

Our service ensure the ongoing health and optimization of your Salesforce instance. We offer proactive monitoring, issue resolution, system enhancements, and user support to ensure your Salesforce platform continues to operate smoothly, enabling you to focus on driving business success.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our testing skills include both human and automated testing. Our quality engineers have extensive Salesforce experience and can certify your Apps/solutions to ensure they satisfy the rigorous Salesforce quality standards.

Continuous Innovation

Our staff is here to support you as you iteratively expand and improve your solutions as your business evolves, adapts to changing client expectations, and innovates with the latest technology.