Salesforce Integration

At Logic Mount, we have Salesforce Integration experts who will help you set up the best features. When properly configured, it can overcome complicated business logic as well as provide long-term innovative solutions for your company.

Salesforce Integration

Application integration is becoming increasingly crucial because no matter how much you want to carry out all your work using a single application, it’s almost impossible. There are several applications, fulfilling dedicated needs and roles within businesses. Thus, instead of depending on one application, you inescapably end up depending on many. Although this helps you accomplish numerous tasks, handling several applications and the data within each can be challenging. This is where our expertise steps in.

Our Experience

Logic Mount team has vast experience in building Salesforce integration with numerous systems by using REST API’s and Webhooks, if you have a dependency on any third-party system, we can help you integrate that with your Salesforce instance. Following is a list of some of the famous third-party apps that we have integrated with Salesforce and their functionality.

  • Oracle Netsuite – Push Orders, Invoices, Accounts
  • Zoominfo – Enrich Leads Data
  • Quickbooks – Sync Invoices, POs, Bills
  • Shopify – Synch Products and Collectsions
  • Paypal – Pull payments from Paypal into SF
  • RealEx Payments – Take CC payments
  • Zendesk – Create Tickets for Cases
  • HG Data – Fetch Techs and Products for a company
  • Surveygizmo – Create Leads in SF
  • CareMonkey – Create Leads in SF
  • Signing Hub – Doc Signing App
  • JustCall – Sync Call Dispositions