Salesforce Clouds

Logic Mount provides solution to your problems using various Salesforce Clouds services. Generate a great sales pipeline and establish a sales outlook that is predictable.

Sales Cloud

Salesforce is a CRM framework that is fully interactive and flexible. You can customize its features to meet your individual needs and use its software to fit your tastes. It is necessary to cooperate effectively with various companies in order to optimize all operational operations to ensure that they are completed efficiently. Through Logic Mount, you can expand your market, reach new clients, and close more deals faster.

            Effective lead management is the secret to every profitable sales contract. Salesforce Sales Cloud enables you to keep track of leads you’ve gained and nurture them through various phases before a transaction is completed.

           Salesforce Sales Cloud helps us to keep control of all of the stakeholders and their assigned positions in your system. Keep records of the staff members and managers who are in charge of individual accounts, as well as their positions.

           Build custom quotations using Salesforce Sales Cloud’s software and the best models. Produce the quotes to your clients via customized and engaging emails once they’ve been made.

Service Cloud

Make sure you’re still there for your clients by maintaining a smart and automatic record of their questions, concerns, and problems. We assist you in implementing Service Cloud and integrating it with third-party systems as required.

      Using Lighting Service Cloud Console, gather all data on customers so you can handle their cases on a single server. To provide them with dependable and good help, obtain the full customer profile and monitor their transactional background.

          Our knowledgeable staff can teach you how to stay ahead of problems, keep your clients satisfied, and keep them involved during the help lifecycle using a variety of contact networks.

Integration Cloud


The new Salesforce Integration Cloud includes a set of resources and solutions that allow clients to surface their data regardless of where it resides and offer intelligent, integrated customer experiences through all platforms and touchpoints. 

       Any system, client, and computer will be
connected in a whole new way thanks to the new Integration Cloud, which will surface the information irrespective of where it exists.

       As Salesforce Integration Partners, Logic Mount recognizes that the exponential growth of cloud, web, and social media has left consumers hampered by siloed platforms, which each have their own personalities, features, and so on. Siloed networks have little insight into a company’s operational operations, necessitating human interference to close transaction gaps.


Commerce Cloud


B2B and B2C ecommerce distribution is boosted by Commerce Cloud, resulting in an improved user experience. Get a complete picture of the customers’ activities, orders, and inventory. 

       Our concept is to allow your business to concentrate on what it does best: trading the platform as hard as it can without having to worry about any of the issues that come with non-SaaS ecommerce systems, such as reliability, usability, or maintaining a technical entity, team, or roadmap.

      Logic Mount provides a complete device integration service, beginning with an exploration that identifies the topmost, industrially operation roadmap. From there, we’ll help you with anything from platform choice to solutions design and construct – like innovative creation and execution to ongoing site output optimization, improvement, and support.


Marketing Cloud


Salesforce for Marketing is built on the world’s #1 CRM platform. It allows you to know your customer, distinguish with intelligence, and engage across the entire journey. It’s the only unified customer engagement platform that enables you to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale on every station, from email to web, mobile, social, and digital advertising. Marketing Cloud covers it all. 

With Marketing Cloud, Logic Mount can help you to:

  • Connect known and unknown profiles to gain a cohesive view of the customer.
  • Leverage data and Einstein artificial intelligence to make every interaction appropriate.
  • Create two-way, real-time engagement when and where the customer wants.
  • Measure, report, and enhance on marketing performance, impact, and customer loyalty.