L o g i c M o u n t

LAMP ( Lead Activity Management Process)

Our plugin streamlines lead manWith our LAMP plugin, your business can efficiently capture, assign, and track lead activities, ensuring prompt follow-ups and enhancing sales productivity. The plugin we offers gives a centralized view of lead interactions, enabling businesses to prioritize and nurture leads effectively, resulting in increased conversions and improved customer engagement.

Product Configurator with variant

Our variant plugin empowers businesses to offer customizable product options and variations to their customers. With seamless integration into Salesforce, it enables streamlined configuration and selection of product features, allowing businesses to provide personalized and tailored experiences, driving customer satisfaction and sales

Global Payments (Former RealEx) Credit Card Payments

Our plugin provides a secure and seamless payment processing solution. With easy integration into Salesforce, our plugin enables businesses to accept credit card payments efficiently and securely, enhancing the customer checkout experience and ensuring reliable and convenient transactions.