Consultants on AppExchange offer a wide range of services to Salesforce customers, from implementing to enhancing their use of Salesforce. They spend a large amount of time with customers learning about their business, discussing options, making recommendations, researching, and more. Being a proud ISV partner, Logic Mount has developed a number of AppExchange Apps for their clients and also few are listed on AppExchange under its own name. Find below one of the App that we have created and distributed free on AppExchange

Sales Rep Performance Monitor

Sales Rep Performance Monitor will help executives to gauge sales rep’s performance by the amount they have sold for a given month or quarter. Managers can define quotas for rep’s and their performance can be measured against their quotas.

Apart from Appexchange apps, we have also built a number of Plugins (Managed and Unmanaged packages) to handle most common business scenarios. Spanning over 10 years of vast experience in Saleforce, we have worked for dozens of clients and short listed most common business process scenarios and issues that clients need to address. Finally, to address these common scenarios we built out these solutions in form of reusable plugins. Please find below some of our commonly used plugins 

Product Configurator with Variant

A rich and interactive way for user to build and configure different variants of a single product. Using cutting edge lightning components, user can select a Product and define its different variants and specify various attributes of a variant, including its price for multiple currencies. 

Global Payments (former RealEx) Credit Card Payments

RealEx Credit Card Payment is native app for Salesforce, built 100% on platform. You can configure your merchant account settings given by RealEx in the app and then can take payments within Salesforce.

Custom buttons for standard objects like Account, Contact, Opportunity etc are available that can be put on standard pages and then can be used to take payments. Complete history of all payments is recorded for later references. The app is fully compliant with PCI standards and store no sensitive credit card information in Salesforce.

Lead Activity Management Process (LAMP)

This plugin is built to automate most common processes in Lead and Tasks processing. The plugin is fully customizable where user can define different attributes of Leads and their values and their respective actions, which could be creating additional Tasks and updating other fields of Leads.