Custom Development and Platform Tools

VisualForce Page

A Visualforce page is built using composing modules, HTML, and optional styling elements. Visualforce can also be paired with other popular web technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, anugalr.js, and bootstrap to provide more animated and enticing users. A special URL is then assigned to each page. The server makes a page as someone requests it.

We use Visual Force page to make standard keys, such as the New button for accounts and the Edit button for addresses, may be overridden. Tab summary sections, such as the Accounts tab home page, may be overridden. You can even create your own tabs.

Incorporate elements into detailed page formats, and build personalized support pages or dashboard modules. We also help you to customize, expand, or incorporate the Salesforce console’s sidebars.

Process Builders and Workflow Rules

Inside Salesforce, there are two approaches to construct automations: Process Builder and Workflow Rules. These automations save sales reps time by deleting certain data entry duties from their desk. They also reduce the probability of human error in data entry.

Unlike other sales engagement systems or automation software, Logic Mount helps to automate procedures and sequences for any job in any department. Each company should develop several procedures for various facets of its operations to ensure that the whole revenue period is protected and no company falls behind.


Flow is a Salesforce program that automates a business requirement by gathering data and executing operations in the org or in a third-party system. On various items, Flow can fetch, erase, edit, and build documents. There are two ways to incorporate flows in Salesforce. We have worked on screen flows, auto-launched flows (which also include record triggered flows, schedule triggered flows, and platform event triggered flows).

Logic Mount helps you with flows that assist in the creation and editing of any kind of document that is being transferred to a specific flow. In certain instances, it can also be removed. There is no need to link a specific record in a Flow if you only want to transfer records.

Triggers and Cron Jobs

A trigger is a piece of code that allows you to execute custom actions on Salesforce documents before or after such events such as insertions, changes, or deletions. Apex triggers typically offer trigger assistance for handling the documents, close to how database systems do. Triggers are commonly used to carry out procedures that are dependent on exact conditions.

We use triggers to execute unique and personalized actions before or after modifications are made to Salesforce documents. These modifications could include data updates, deletions, or additions to the framework. We can make use of Cron jobs if we want to execute some code to be executed regularly at certain time. For example, if we want to send out weekly emails to managers about certain business activities during that week, we can make use of Scheduled Apex and Batch classes to make that happen.

Data Migration

Data migration is a common task where you would need to migrate data from an old system to a new Salesforce implementation. One of Salesforce CRM’s most valuable functionality is the data migration tool, which is used to remove source code or metadata from an organization’s data in a plain file format. In most cases, data is retrieved in XML format. Deploying a large amount of data from one source to another is a brilliant and quick operation. We can use Salesforce Data Loader application to load data from.CSV files. We at Logic Mount can also help you migrate data from other databases like SQL Server, MySQL or Orcale.

Omni Channel

By combining different networks into a single structure, omni-channel customer support helps to have a consistent customer experience across all channels. Logic Mount uses Omni Channels to help you provide with a complete picture of a customer’s contacts, allowing them to respond to questions more quickly and efficiently.

It can be used to assess how much time an investigator spends on a case, as well as how many cases they’ve rejected and how long they’ve served on them. It also helps consumers to communicate with support personnel across various networks, giving support agents direct access to a comprehensive image of the person they’re about to assist.

Live Chat

With the help of live chat, we help you to launch a personalized live chat focused around how our client or prospect interacts with the website. You can now communicate with consumers in your applications using Snap-ins. Much further, multilingual service allows you to have the same excellent business chat support to customers all over the world.