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Insurance Underwriters


20 October, 2021

Revolutionizing Policy Processing


The company was using Salesforce to manage the lifecycle of Policies. They were using basic and legacy flows to process new and renewal policies. The agents were taking a lot extra time to process a policy also leaving a room to errors because most of the work was manual. They needed an automated system where most of the work can be automated and agents don’t need to keep track of each activity on a policy manually.


Logic Mount team helped them to minimize the average time it takes to process a policy to fall by 70%, enabling agents to close more policies in the same time. The team build automations to let agents know automatically which policies needs a renewal in near future and creates a series of tasks for agents so that they can kick start well before time. The team also built apealing and customized lightning components to enable them process the policies from one screen, it made them do all the tasks on a policy from a single point and they don’t need to leave the main lightning flow. The team created intelligent algorithms to assign new policies to various agents based on their capacity and many other factors.