Insurance Policies Processing

We have helped clients to implement policies related workflows. Whether it’s a new client or the same policy needs to be renewed or if there is a need to re-write a policy, we have covered all scenarios. Rich Lightning components enable agents to work on multiple policies simultaneously. These automations help agents to process a policy in 70% less time than a traditional way. Automatic assignment rules move the relevant task to applicable teams.


Loans Processing

Logic Mount has devised processes and automations to make Loan processing hassle free. Whether it’s a Home loan or a Commercial loan, we have got them covered. Starting from fetching various documents from borrower and processing them then releasing the loan. Through customer portal, helping borrowers to submit draw requests and getting them approved from office in no time, making the overall process user friendly and swift.


Sales Order Processing

This one is widely used by our clients, we have developed and merged sales, after sales and purchasing modules. Whether it’s a new sales order or some service job to an already installed product, our modules will help office and technicians to keep stock levels up to date and make invoicing and service reports just a few clicks away, enabling teams to spend more time in actual work then in Backoffice.


Automatic Renewals Processing

Sometimes when companies close a deal they automatically want to create a Renewal term for the same client. We have implemented processes which allow clients to automatically create a renewal term whenever a new business is closed. This is highly customizable module so that on basis of sales process and products selected we can configure the Renewal that is being automatically crated and we can also customize to create automatic set of tasks needed for that Renewal.


Solar Panels Configuration and Installation

Solar panel configuration and installation involves multiple factors like panel brand, voltage, inverter brand and voltage and then Site details where it needs to be installed. We have created modules that help back office to create a solar panel configuration in seconds, the visual flows automatically guide user to select various components and their configuration. Dispatch console helps admins to schedule the installation by looking at the schedule of each technician.

Payment Processors Implementation

Most of the clients which manufacture or sell products, they need to take payments directly from the Salesforce platform without leaving the page. We have integrated payment processors using REST API’s that are tied with Orders and Work Orders objects so that whenever an Order is processed and ready for payment the payment will automatically be taken using attached payment processor and sales invoice will be created and emailed to client.